Alicia Harper

Doctoral candidate in Mathematics (Brown University)

My name is Alicia, and I am broadly interested in algebraic geometry. I am finishing graduate school under Dan Abramovich at Brown University. My research interests include applications of destackification, semistable reduction of surface singularities, and (twisted) motivic integration.


Contact Information

Email : alicia_harper (at) brown (dot) edu

Website :

Address : Room 012, Kassar House, Brown University


(1) A bordered Legendrian contact algebra (with Mike Sullivan), Journal of Symplectic Geometry, Volume 12, Number 2 (2014), 237-255.

(2) Factorization for Stacks And Boundary Complexes, July 2017 (


[Math 90 - Fall 2017] Lecture 1

[Math 90 - Fall 2017] Lecture 2

[Math 90 - Fall 2017] Lecture 3

[Math 90 - Fall 2017] Lecture 4

[Math 90 - Fall 2017] Lecture 5

[Math 90 - Fall 2017] Lecture 6

[Math 90 - Fall 2017] Lecture 7

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[Math 90 - Fall 2017] Lecture 9

[Math 90 - Fall 2017] Lecture 10

Other things: Art, writing, etc

here was a birthday present i once drew: the great A'Tuin and his world Elephants from the series Discworld.

...and more generically, an unfinished tree:

now for something mathy, here is an illustration of the rational double point singularity of type A and the Whitney umbrella singularity:

even more mathy: the following image illustrate the root stack construction in conjunction with a blow-up. see my paper on Factorization for Stacks and Boundary Complexes for an example of where and how such notions are used.

a painted version of the above imaged, painted for a poster session at AGNES in 2018

and finally...have you ever felt at a loss?